Friday, March 9, 2012

Social Potluck 2012

Dear Potluckers,

I have exciting news, embarrassing news and updates for you.
The exciting news is that I will be doing a long term Social Potluck installation at the Vernon Public Art Gallery from October-December. I will be turning their small Up-Front Gallery into a small cafe and looking for stories about... wait for it, funerals. I will be looking for stories that you would want told at your funeral, that you wish you could have told, or you did tell at another person's funeral. I'm also looking for stories about events associated with funerals. Thomas King stated, "the truth about stories is that that's all we are" and at no time is that more relevant that at funerals when all our belongings are stripped away and just our stories remain. For those of you who know that I host The Ghost Tours of Vernon the macabre topics won't come as a huge surprise.
In true Social Potluck format I will be creating new performances every few weeks for those who attend.
I will post more information shortly.
The embarrassing news is that I still haven't finished my thesis yet so nothing else is planned for the year until that is complete. I would much rather speak than write which is why it is taking so long.
As an update, a short rough video was put together that I will attempt to upload shortly as well.
Gabriel Newman