Thursday, January 13, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

If these do not answer your questions please send me an email.

Is it really free? Is this some kind of sales seminar or other recruitment? Yes, it is free, no, it is not a sales pitch. The only message is that I hope by the end participants appreciate how important the dinner table is to our culture, identity and health. This is taught not by lecture but by participating.

I can't make a few of the dates, will this rule me out? No, but it reduces your chances of being picked. Let me know in your email what dates you can or cannot make.

Are children welcome to participate? Yes, as long as they are accompanied by an adult. I will hold one or two dinners where kids are welcome depending on how many are interested. If you would like to attend with a minor please indicate in your email.

Can I bring a friend/spouse with me? Sorry, these dinners are small and I want to increase the chance of participants being strangers so we spend time with people we don't usually spend time with. With only 5-10 people at the table two couples would completely change the dynamics. The exception being minors. Your spouse or friend can sign up separately however. Maybe they'll be at the same meal, maybe they won't. That would be fun, to compare the dinner experiences.

Can I host a social potluck dinner of my own? Absolutely!

I can't think of a story to tell, should I not sign up? By all means SIGN UP! Nobody can think of a story when asked point blank. Ask the people you know if there are certain stories you tell a lot, or find touching. Ask your friends what they would tell, that might give you ideas. Think of scary or beautiful moments in your life. If you still can't think of any and you are signed up come anyway. I guarantee that after listening to other people tell their stories that it will remind you of a story (I've been to lots of storytelling circles and it is always the people who say they don't have any stories who come up with the best material). Also, you can tell any kind of story. If you have completely drawn a blank, tell Little Red Riding Hood. It doesn't matter.

I'm not a good storyteller but I want to come anyway. Can I? This isn't a competition, you are not being judged on content or performance. Leave that for "Are You a Storyteller?" Everyone is in the same boat.

Who is catering the dinner? I am. I'm cooking everything for the meal from scratch. It is my way of thanking you for taking the time to participate.

Are you a trained chef? No, cooking is not my profession though it seems like I spend most of my time in the kitchen. I love cooking, it is my hobby and what I have been doing for my family for the past fourteen years. While not trained officially my mother is a trained chef and I have worked in numerous professional kitchens. I do have my Food Safe certificate so you are safe with me. Dinner will be good home cooking with a few fancy touches but nothing crazy.

I have food allergies or foods I cannot eat. How flexible is the menu? Please let me know immediately in your email if there are food concerns as I can't do last minute changes but I can prepare ahead of time. I know how serious allergies can be. There will be options for vegetarians and omnivores but remember that I am cooking as though you are coming to my house so a little flexibility might be needed.

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