Monday, July 18, 2011

Thank you Glenmore!

The Social Potluck project has drawn to a close in Glenmore. Many thanks to Michelle Kam at the City of Kelowna for helping spread the word, Sandi and Jim at the Bridges at Glenview Pond development for letting me use their incredible show home,DeBakkers for the bread, Joan at St. David's Presbyterian for ensuring I had a venue and of course all the amazing participants for sharing a story. The project was made possible by a grant provided through a partnership between the City of Kelowna and the University of British Columbia.
The dinners were a real treat. I felt honoured to be able to break bread with such generous and supportive people who had amazing tales to tell. I have a great job.
The finale was filled with such good wishes and support for myself and for each other. I hate to admit it but the show almost feels irrelevant, that just getting back together is enough, the show is simple the excuse.
The following night I performed the same show to an audience that hadn't participated. There was a strange mix of friends, colleagues and strangers. People brought their moms and their kids. It was a full house and some chairs needed to be added at the last minute. Most people didn't mind not having been at the dinners, they liked the surprise aspect of the stories, nothing was familiar. I thought this was interesting. Both evenings had a different feel.
In the end I could tell that people wished they could have stayed and heard more stories from each other. I will have to see how I can facilitate that in the future.
Below are a few pictures taken of one of the dinners I hosted at the Bridges at Glenview Pond development. The pictures were taken by Kate Mahaits Photography.

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