Thursday, November 29, 2012

Writing- Social Potluck Thesis

Social Potluck Writing and Related

Social Potluck was created as my masters thesis project. I returned to school to figure out how use my skills while living in a smaller city. I was looking for structures to emulate. After not finding any that suited my interests I created my own. The thesis I wrote up after creating Social Potluck is heavily focused on the oral tradition. I wrote it to be read, maybe even out loud. It is full of stories, has some academic context and hopefully gives enough information so that someone could try to create a Social Potluck project of their own.Social Potluck is an open source idea. If you try it, please let me know.

Thesis - Social Potluck: Everyone has something to bring to the table.

Social Potluck has received funding from the Eco-Art Incubator and will be included in an upcoming book about eco-art projects. For more on the eco-art incubator click on Eco-Art Incubator- Social Potluck. I recommend exploring their site as there are a lot of interesting ideas to "recycle."

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