Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Picturing a Social Potluck

A profound "thank you" to Kindale who was so kind as to offer me their space. They were excited and supportive of the project AND they were willing to barter my services for the use of their facility.
Their kitchen was fully equipped with all the cutlery, utensils and cooking implements I needed. They also had a large table.
A Hungarian Paprikas Krumpli, a type of Gulyas (Goulash or stew). It is Hungarian comfort food, at least it is for me. I did add some red cabbage for colour.
A loaf of bread, otherwise how are we to "break bread" together? This is an easy recipe that makes a very tasty and aesthetically pleasing loaf.
I served some local cheeses (Happy Days Goat Dairy's soft cheese, Village Cheese's Hot Pepper Cheddar, Triple Island's Gouda and Dutchman Dairy's Aged Cheddar. The cracker's weren't local I'm afraid but I did want to highlight some of the fantastic cheese that is produced around here because... well, because I like cheese.
The microphone is set up, the food is ready, so all we need are the guests.

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  1. Wow - way to go, Gabe! - and I'm happy you mentioned
    'sheep' in your profile!!!!