Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Glenmore Dinners Complete - On with the Show!

After four incredibly stimulating and entertaining dinners at the Bridges at Glenview Pond show house focus for Social Potluck shifts to preparing the final show.
Everyone who attended the dinners brought great stories but they also brought a great ability to listen.
Special thanks has to go to the crew at the Bridges at Glenview Pond who so willingly allowed me to wander into their showhome and start cooking. I kept getting asked, "how did you get permission to use this house!!!!" and all I can reply is that I asked. That isn't even the truth, after searching Glenmore unsuccessfully for weeks I pretty much staggered defeated into their sales office and told them what I was doing and how I couldn't find a place to hold my dinners. Their response was a casual, "go take a look at the blue or green house and see if they would work." Incredible! I'm sure I was an inconvenience to them but you couldn't tell. To top it off, at the end of every evening at around ten PM I called up Joe, who I don't think I ever met, to tell him I was leaving and so that he would have to leave whatever he was doing and come to lock up the house after I left.
Another thank you to DeBakkers who donated bread to every evening. Glenmore is lucky to have such a tasty bakery.
So now I am back in the rehearsal hall trying to figure out how to arrange the show. July 15th is the deadline for the performance for that is when all the participants and their guests will show up.
If you want to attend the show but weren't a participant there will be a show available for the public on July 16th. Seating is limited so reservations are essential.

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