Saturday, June 11, 2011

Social Potluck filling up!

After a slow start with registration and the eventual cancellation of the June 10th date the tables are starting to fill up. June 11th is full and set for dinner tonight. June 12th is overflowing with people (how did that happen?). June 18th is just about full (there might be one spot left). The only day with room is June 17th so sign up quickly if you want to take part. Once the table is full I can't accept anyone else.
I am making rhubarb chutney and am curious to see how that works with the cheeses I bought. DeBakkers has donated some of their amazing crusty bread. I'll be making a Hungarian Paprikas and salad. For dessert I'm breaking out the ice cream maker. Tonight is the first time I will be cooking in this location so I am interested to see what I have forgotten.
The guest list is set and I know it will be a fascinating night of stories.

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